Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gay son of “conversion therapy” founder on coming out to his dad

Have you ever wondered what happens when the children or siblings of famous anti-homosexual advocates tell them that they are homosexual?  These gay disclosures make the news when somebody involved is prominent, for example, Michele Bachmann's half-sister, Dick Cheney's daughter, Oral Roberts' grandson, and the list goes on. 

Here's the fly-on-the-wall recounting of the "I'm gay" moment from Richard Socarides (gay attorney, writer and commentator who served as President Clinton’s senior adviser on gay rights) when he told his father Charles Socarides, one of the controversial founders of so-called gay conversion therapy, that it was time they openly acknowledged what both knew to be true.

Aside from the curiosity factor, this elegant video is worth viewing as an example of how to talk about something difficult with dignity, and how to handle the aftermath.  I would hope to do as well in such a difficult situation.

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