Monday, March 25, 2013

You Aren't Hearing About NarcoViolence in Mexico

It is huge, overwhelming, destroying Mexico day by day.  So why don't we hear about it in the US and elsewhere?  Because anyone who speaks up gets decapitated, shot multiple times, disappeared, or kidnapped.  It is so dangerous to be a journalist in Mexico that ordinary citizens are trying to use social media - just like in Syria and Egypt - to let neighbors and a potential world audience know what's going on.  These ordinary folks, like you and me, with cell phones or FaceBook, are also targets.  Report a murder, you sign up to be the next body in the road.

CommunityRED, a brand-new nonprofit, seeks to bring technical brainpower to the problem.  Listen to the founders (who recently spoke at SXWX about the project).

Spread the word.  Give them your support via e-mail or their FaceBook page (CommunityRed).
Shauna Dillavou (@shaunalead) and Melissa del bosque (@MelissaLaLinea) from Community Red (@CommunityRed).

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