Saturday, July 23, 2011

Video Surveillance for Victims - Looxcie LX2

Looxcie LX2 personal videocam

If you are going through something, like, say, a nasty divorce/custody thing, you've probably wished you could just videotape those hideous exchanges at the police station, or the time he stood menacingly outside the restaurant window where you were eating but didn't actually do anything you could explain to police.  That way your attorney, the children's therapist, or the minor's counsel, could actually SEE what happened rather than staring at you while you try to explain how unnerving your ex can be without actually pulling a knife.

Of course there are surveillance cameras in many public places already, and, as at the police station, there may be a video of your latest traumatic exchange, but you'll have to subpoena the PD to get it.  Have you considered being your own videographer?

How about the Looxcie over-the-ear (Bluetooth style) continuous video recorder?  While it's not perfect, like all innovations in their earlier versions, the camcorder was recently featured in Time magazine’s top 50 inventions of the year. Here's a full review from that takes you from opening the box through uploading the video onto your computer, and even includes updates as new information has become available.  Right now the latest Looxcie, the LX2, is available at for $150.00.  Don't miss Amazon reviewer "witness digital's" comments.  He seems to have been an early adopter and explains the changes in this new model.

What about legal issues?  Do you need permission?  Can you get in trouble?  Ask your attorney before you go this route (the relevant laws are almost always local).  Obviously the usual rules about playing nice are not working out or you wouldn't be thinking about doing a defensive videotape, so your situation is not the usual peeping motivation or trying to see people's PIN numbers.  While a videotape you make is likely not admissable as evidence in the courtroom, it might really help you explain your stalking/harrassment/emotional abuse situation to people you need on your team.  The link at the top of this paragraph reflects only the most general videotaping guidelines.  Every state is different.

WNL:  There are situations in everyday life, and then there are SITUATIONS that come up for people trying to get out of abusive controlling relationships that nobody else can relate to, and in these cases, a videotape can be a plus, however obtained.  The Looxcie is not invisible and that might be a good thing, both as a defense against secretly recording someone (they can see it sticking out between your eye and your ear), and as a warning.  Who doesn't modify their behavior when they know a person, or a camera, is watching.

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