Friday, May 27, 2011

"Right to Life" T-Shirt - Shades of Blue and Gray

"Right to Life" shouldn't be limited to the unborn.  Expand your life-affirming stand to include women, who suffer and die unnecessarily around the world from intimate partner violence, lack of access to healthcare, good food and clean water.  Pick your t-shirt style and color. Made especially for you.

The story behind the shirt:  I've been an artist and feminist for a long time now, and there is something painfully useless about making images that spring from my passion about women, their lives and their needs, that might find their way onto somebody's wall at home, or maybe make a good greeting card.  Transforming some of my work into t-shirt graphics gives me a louder voice, and allows my voice to join with your voice when you wear it.  Maybe working together we can make a dent in the woman-ignoring world out there.  That's my hope and that's the story of this t-shirt :)

When you've fried your brain looking at t-shirt styles and colors, drop by Lyn Southworth Words and Pictures to see more of the dark, woman-centered products of my passion for making women matter.

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