Friday, April 22, 2011

Pelvic Floor Pilates Video - "Down There" Explained

Maybe you have already discovered your pelvic floor muscles when they stop doing their job and you experience a bulging sensation, aching genital area, and urine dribbling, with or without exercise.  Was it those pregnancies that did the damage?  A hysterectomy that removed the support for your vagina and bladder?  There is even the possibility that some popular gym and fitness exercises like situps can damage pelvic floor integrity (Australians Michelle Kenway Physiotherapist & Dr Judith Goh Urogynaecologist, in their book "Inside Out").

A visit to the doctor will get you maybe a workup, but definitely a paper with Kegel exercise directions and the rememdy "Go home and do this X times a day".  Confusion, despair, and abandonment of the project usually follow.  Who knows what's down there and what to squeeze and what not to squeeze to get the promised ultimate result.

Ten years ago stopping and starting urine flow was the way to do Kegels.  Now the wisdom is DON'T stop and start urine flow because that effort can damage the sphincters and even cause a bladder infection.

HELP!  There is a video you can watch and re-watch in the privacy of your own home that describes exactly how to exercise the mystery muscles that make up the pelvic floor.  While there are a lot - hundreds - of videos, books, DVD's, and articles on the web, this one is a standout, worth putting on WNL for readers around the world.

The anonymous instructor lady in this video for PilatesUnion UK explains how to isolate the pelvic floor muscles so clearly that anybody can figure out what they are squeezing and how Kegel exercises are supposed to feel when done correctly.  You'll still have to do the strengthening exercises - but finding the muscles is half the battle.  At least you'll know you are doing it right, when you remember to do it.

If you are just now worrying about your pelvic floor integrity, or have already tried Kegels and given up on them, give the video a look.  Your pelvic floor will reward you for your efforts.

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