Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being a Woman Means Being Afraid

It's no fun thinking about how basically hazardous it is to be a woman, so most of us don't do it. We keep positive and fill our days with the endless busy-ness of earning a living and taking care of family. But, just for a moment, take a quick journey to the world of women who don't have the luxury of busy-ness, who live even closer to the edge than we do.

Our tour guide is lawyer and biologist Jamie Bechtel, CEO of the nonprofit NewCourse, which plans projects linking conservation of resources with womens' well being around the world. Her recent article seen at Huffington Post has this intriguing title: "What Does Rape Have to Do With Trees?"

When you've read her article, take a moment to visit NewCourse. Maybe you can help. A safer world for women is every woman's business.

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