Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Unintended Pregnancy" - What is It?

Think you know the answer? It's an accident, right? Like spilling your milk or backing into a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot. 

Well, maybe a little more consequential, but still, an accident.
Preventive medicine specialist Valerie Ulene takes a closer look at unintended pregnancies in this article for The LA Times. What's behind those accidents?

Turns out a lot of women don't use birth control correctly or aren't planning to have sex, but they do. Here's a taste of the discussion Valerie provides:
A study published in 2009 in the Journal of Family Practice found that among contraception non-users, 87% cited at least one of the following reasons: "just not thinking about birth control," "not planning to have sex," "getting caught up in the heat of the moment" or "just went with the flow."
My personal favorite is "just went with the flow". Could it be that one more unintended consequence of bring up little girls to be agreeable nurturing peacemakers is a lot of unintended pregnancies? Your thoughts?

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