Monday, January 10, 2011

Wives of Cheaters and Scoundrels - Don't They Know?

Check out The NYT's Room for Debate column, "The Clueless Wives Club", for some interesting discussion on the subject of secret lives, denial, separate spheres, and betrayal in marriages. Jennie Sanford and Ruth Madoff are mentioned, but the experts who weigh in -
Betsey Stevenson, University of Pennsylvania
Marilyn Yalom, Clayman Institute for Gender Research
Julie Metz, author, “Perfection”
Julie Gottman, clinical psychologist
Ruth Houston, Infidelity News and Views
are talking about all of us, and the column offers great insights into how betrayal happens, the effects on the betrayed party, and how to move on, either in or out of the marriage.

Just Wondering? Column contributor Betsey Stevenson has designed a marriage calculator for judging a couple's risk of divorce based on marital history statistics.

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