Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why Parents Who Batter Get Custody of the Children

Not only do abusive parents get custody - sole custody - of a couple's children on a regular basis, this has been going on across the country for more than a decade. Newsweek describes how battered parents are fighting back, and family courts are starting to listen. The problem: a junk psychology concept invented in the 1980s called "parent alienation syndrome".

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  1. I am a battered woman.. with a five inch scar on my shoulder and a transcript to prove it.

    I don't have custody of my children either.. however it wasn't because of your theory..

    It was because my estranged husband Mr. Louis M. Argenziano has political connections to a supreme court Judge.

    I want to tell you that Parent Alienation is VERY REAL!

    Please take a look at my Blog and look for Chrissy's U-Tube video...

    Then tell me Parent Alienation is junk science.

    In fact it's opinions like your's that are allowing our children to be emotionally abused by alienators.. both male and female.

    Please consider what those women's groups are doing when they discredit the emotional torture our children are living without the better of the two parents .. THE NON ALIENATOR!