Monday, May 19, 2008

Abusers Get Custody of the Kids in US Family Courts

(This is an old article, but the problem is still very real.  It's an eye-opener if you think child abuse and court-ordered parenting don't co-exist.)

Alison Bowen reports in New York Family Courts are giving abusers custody of the kids 37% of the time. Studies in Arizona and Massachusetts, and informal questioning of professionals in the rest of the country show the same thing - unsupervised, unregulated Family Courts failing to protect battered women and exposing children for years at a time to the batterer. Read more in Women's eNews.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quality Divorce Resources on the Web

(This is an older article, but the link is still valuable.)

Finding Dulcinea, Librarian of the Internet, has a great guide to divorce information on the web. Expand six categories of information (like "Divorce Laws" and "Division of Assets") for a list of specific, vetted websites to help you. Just like in a real library, the librarian is here to help find the best and ignore the rest.